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San Pedro Sula -Honduras

San Pedro Sula Located in the northern part of the country, San Pedro is only a few miles from the coast and has always played a major role in Honduran more
San Pedro Sula, Honduras - Information (Courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism of Honduras)
San Pedro Sula Information Located in the north, San Pedro is located just a few miles from the coast and has always played a major role in Honduran history. The city was founded a June 27th 1536 by Don Pedro de Alvarado. The Spanish conquistador founded the city under the name "Villa de San Pedro de Puerto Caballos" and over the next five years was known as San Pedro Sula, the latter referring to the name Usula local dialect which means "valley of birds."
San Pedro Sula - Getting There The main airport is within the International Airport in San Pedro Sula. With regular TACA, American, Continental and Iberia, is easily accessible from San Pedro Sula Americans the following links: Miami, Houston, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Cancun. Moreover, there are excellent connections via American Airlines Center via San Jose, Costa Rica, San Salvador, El Salvador and Guatemala, Guatemala. Also available is a daily air service Isleña Airlines, Sosa Airlines and Atlantic Arilines to San Pedro from La Ceiba, Roatan and Tegucigalpa. In addition, you can choose a bus service between first class Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. The highway linking the two cities is one of the best in Central America and the journey between those points less than 4 hours delay. The three bus lines that provide a first class service, direct and executive Saenz are First Class, Business Class Hedman Alas and Viana Gold (For more information check out our list of routes)
San Pedro Sula - Getting around Moving in San Pedro Sula. San Pedro is a city easy to scroll and scroll. It is divided into four quadrants that follow the Spanish system for the construction of ancient cities: northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest. All streets are numbered with avenues running north to south and east-west streets. The center is marked by the 1st street. The most important shopping street is Third Avenue. Although there are many public buses, taxis are plentiful and a very reasonable price. Whatever the case, be sure to negotiate the cost of the trip before taking a taxi. It's a good idea to consult with the buttons on the hotel where he is staying (or any other reliable source) on taxi fares and routes. Another alternative is to rent a car. Most franchises have their U.S. offerings in San Pedro Sula, such as Avis, Budget, Dollar and Hertz. Moreover, there are local car rental. Most have offices at the airport, and usually there is any other in the lobby of the best hotels.

Museos en Tegucigalpa

Museo Nacional Villaroy
Ubicado en el barrio Buenos Aires de Tegucigalpa, este museo está abierto de lunes a sábado de las 8:00 a.m. a las 4:00 p.m. Sus salas están dedicadas a la historia republicana de Honduras, haciendo mucho énfasis en los diversos presidentes que ha tenido la república desde su independencia.
Museo del HombreUbicado en la avenida Cervantes en el antiguo edificio que albergaba a la Suprema Corte de Justicia en el centro de Tegucigalpa. Este museo tiene una colección de pinturas de artistas Hondureños y opera como galería de arte. Así mismo, cuenta con una sala para la restauración de pinturas antiguas.
Museo Histórico MilitarUbicado en el parque Valle de Tegucigalpa, este museo tiene una selección de artículos personales y fotografías de los ilustres héroes militares y hombres fuertes de Honduras. Así mismo, tiene una sala con armas de fuego antiguas y modernas
Sala BancatlánUna colección privada de valiosos artículos prehispánicos, monedas y algunas de las mejores pinturas contemporáneas de artistas nacionales. Ubicado en la Plaza Bancatlán, en el Boulevard Miraflores en Tegucigalpa. Abierto de lunes a viernes de las 9:00 a.m. hasta las 3:00 p.m.

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The world of the Maya - Copan and Roatan Island

The world of the Maya - Copan and Roatan Island Copan considered the kings of the city is known for his statues (STEL) and the staircase of hieroglyphics. Here in Honduras ending our trip to the Mayan culture. Before us lies the island of Roatan, possible to achieve by plane from San Pedro Sula and Trujillo. When we returned to Europe from San Pedro Sula.Diving schools offer courses in Roatan and its neighboring islands for those interested. The Mayan worldview was based on a trilogy inseparable: the heavenly, the earthly and intermundane. The detailed observation of the sky used by the Mayans to build their pyramids and temples and to legitimize their power. Ending of the Mayan world in the century, 8 and 9 without influence of outside powers destruction by astrological determination? Nobody knows. The studies do not show the Mayan calendar predicted special early years in the second millennium, but if you wrote a great change at the end of this present world and the beginning of a new era between 20 and 23 December 2012

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Honduras Fotos

Fotos de Honduras, Photos of Honduras.
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Fotos de Honduras, Photos of Honduras.